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Who Should Use Teeth Whitening? Generally, anyone with healthy gums and teeth that are looking to brighten up their smile can benefit from professional teeth whitening. It is highly effective at removing stains from teeth, including tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine and other habit induced discolouration.

Does Whitening Work On Veneers Or Crowns? Whitening gels enhance natural teeth only. It only works on enamel and will not change the colour of fillings, crowns, veneers, bonding or bridges. Any dental work that can be seen in your smile line may need to be replaced to match your newly whitened enamel or avoid bleaching restored teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening Bad For My Teeth? Studies of teeth whitening with peroxide based gels, showed no effect on hardness or mineral content of a tooth's enamel surface. Professional teeth whitening is safe, it does not cause permanent damage to your teeth, and is considered harmless by most dental health professionals.

How Many Shades Whiter Can I Expect My Teeth To Get? This varies depending on your natural enamel colour and daily habits, it cannot be predicted or guaranteed. Generally, in my experience, shade changes are 6-12 colours lighter. Yellow or brown teeth, surface stains and uniformly darkened teeth are easiest to whiten. Additional whitening treatments may be needed to achieve your desired brightness. A consult can be done at your request to discuss this possibility.

How Long Do The Teeth Whitening Effects Last? This depends on your habits. Typically 6 months to 1 year before another whitening treatment of touch-up is needed.

How Long Does The Treatment Take? 1 hour for full treatment. A before shade is chosen, barrier applied to gingival margin, 3 applications of peroxide based gel with led blue light activation, and an after shade selected.

Does The Treatment Hurt? No. There will be little to no sensitivity. Allison will be by your side throughout the treatment monitoring how you are and adjusting the gel when necessary. A pre screening for sensitivity will be done and will help indicate areas where more barrier cream is needed. Avoid medicated lip balm for 12 hours after whitening.

How Can I Make My Results Last Longer? Avoid coffee, tea, red wine and smoking for 12 hours after whitening. Keep up with regular dental check-ups and cleanings. Contact Allison for touch-up whitening at a greatly reduced price!

Why Is Professional Whitening Better Than Other Options? It's quick and you see instant results! Take home kits, whitening strips and pastes are lower concentration and provide a slow and steady whitening progression.

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